Keep Curious

Sometimes things move so fast we don’t get chance to stop and enjoy them.

Living in the city, especially one of the worlds most diverse, ever changing and magical ones is wonderful. London is not where I was brought up but I would still consider it to be one of the many places I feel at home in.

Having a self titled ‘Gypsy Heart” I often flit between countryside dreaming and city love affairs.

With all of the day to day Treasures, adventures,conversations,opportunities and challenges we experience, especially when living and working in large cities, it is easy to forget to hit that ‘pause button’ every once in awhile- it’s allowed I promise you and take some much needed time to be kind to ourselves.


Now being more curious than Alice herself, I wanted to search for ways of thriving in the city whilst still quenching my small town girl’s thirst for those simple pleasures that bring my heart,soul and mind such great peace and happiness that can sometimes be a struggle to find during our day to day exploration of life. 


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